Away! by From Indian Lakes cover

by Adam Rash



This is just a little cover that I threw together in an afternoon. It was super fun to play, and even more fun to make. Let it be known that this IS a cover, and all lyrics, music, and content is not my own. I borrow this at the great generosity of the amazing band From Indian Lakes and whomever produced their album, Man with Wooden Legs.




I've always been a stubborn one once I've decided which way I should go
But now it seems I have hit a cliff and I am staring at the water down below
I used to be much braver when id known the waves couldn't touch me on dry land
But I am never one to keep it to myself how wonderful I really am

I know that somewhere out there is a ship that's meant for me
But I see the water and I cant breathe or do a thing

I've looked upon the setting sun I've seen the ocean swallow it alive
I've witnessed creatures from below and I've watched as hardened Sea Men begin to cry
The boats are in their docks but I cant seem to step on board and grab the wheel
I've thought it over in my mind so many times and every time I wake to find out it isn't real

I know that I've been trying for too long to get on board
But I can see everyone outside waving their arms and screaming their goodbyes

If I had a say
Id ask you to take it all way
I can no longer stay here
If I had my way
Id beg you to take it all away
I can no longer be here


released August 31, 2012
From Indian Lakes




Adam Rash Longview, Texas

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